“I would recommend Sarah and her work to anyone who needs some direction in their life and to believe more in themselves. Sarah is someone you can trust, who will be supportive and listen without judgment."

- Amy G 

Actor and Film Maker

After 17 years of being a daily smoker, I was finally ready to quit and Sarah’s hypnosis practice was my first attempt.  Sarah took time to understand my motivations, prepared a personalized program, and walked me thru the steps to ensure I understood the ins and outs of what was going to happen.  Sarah created a comfortable, warm, safe space and guided me gently thru the stages of the subconscious with confidence and ease.  I’m happy to report that after a month, I have not craved a cigarette once - in fact the thought is disgusting.  Sarah often says that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and this may be true, but her expertise, kindness, and genuine concern for her clients and their desired outcomes creates a space and program that allows this to happen.  Her guidance is the missing link, and once she uses her skills to unlock it, the possibilities are endless.


"Sarah has helped me clarify what my values and priorities are, and how to maintain them in my daily life. I truly believe Sarah's natural gift cannot be taught and I'm so thankful for my experience with her."



I LOVE both Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression! I feel these sessions provide the best of both worlds; a profound, spiritual experience AND insights, information, guidance and direction that helped me take action for positive and lasting change. One of the noticeable effects I received was motivation and drive to change certain behaviors. Not only has my behavior shifted, but the WAY I think has changed. I'm more focused and purposeful. I don't feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to juggle in my life. I like to think that my higher self/soul is in the drivers seat now - instead of my stressed out, fearful ego!

Out of the many modalities I have both practiced and received, PLSR and BLSR helped me to tap into my emotions  and the powerful information that is stored in my subconscious. Words cannot describe the depth and breadth that you receive in a session. I highly, HIGHlY recommend that everyone do both types of sessions several times! You will be amazed and eternally grateful!!!

Jen M.

-Software Developer

"Sarah helped me to get to the root of my chaos and put together a plan to get to a better place where I could actually enjoy the financial success I was experiencing.  I am now a much happier, healthier, and more balanced person with a sense of purpose and direction. Without Sarah's help I know I would have quickly been burnt out on life and work, unhappy and unhealthy. "

Amy T.

 -Real Estate Broker

At first, I had some concerns with the concept of Life Coaching and the money/time investment. However, working with Sarah was exactly what I needed and worth every penny.  I learned so much from her and feel I have tools that will last me a lifetime! The biggest result I've achieved since working with Sarah has been getting over my fear of public speaking and learning how to become an authentic professional leader. She provided a safe space to evaluate where my fears where coming from, as well as the tools to use to overcome them. Another result was the ability to separate myself from any toxic energy that isn't mine, and to establish and maintain my personal and professional boundaries. To anyone who is looking to understand themselves from the ground-up or who needs to improve something they are having trouble with, hire Sarah Clodius!


Business Leader and Entrepreneur



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